Becoming An SLRP Coach | Student-Led Restorative Practices

Certification as an SLRP Coach last three years and requires a deep understanding of the Student-Led Restorative Practices framework, the ability to demonstrate that understanding in practice, and the ability to support district- and school-based restorative practices teams through its implementation. These competencies are revealed through demonstrations of learning regarding:

  • Restorative Knowledge (RK 1-12)
  • Restorative Skill (RS 1-9)
  • Restorative Mindset (RM 1-3)
  • Coaching Knowledge (CK 1-7)
  • Coaching Skill (CS 1-6)
  • Coaching Mindset (CM 1-6)

Unless there is a demonstration of learning (DoL) defined in the competency, each competency type relies on a default DoL. The default DoL for knowledge competencies is a one page writing. The default DoL for skills competencies is a written or video artifact. The default DoL for mindset competencies is coach observation with rubric. Alternative DoLs can be determined by a Senior Coach.

Restorative Knowledge
  • Distinguish between inputs, outputs, and outcomes
  • Distinguish between adult outcomes and student outcomes
  • Summarize observations of at least 2 ESB workshops that are led by at least 2 different ESB coaches
  • Summarize learnings from the recommended readings in the ESB guide

Restorative Skill
  • Communicate the difference between inputs, outputs, outcomes, and why it matters
  • Communicate the difference between adult outcomes and student outcomes, and why it matters
  • Conduct a quarterly self evaluation sample (at least Clarify Priorities 1 & 2, and Monitor Progress sections) for at least 3 different school boards and in at least 3 different states

Restorative Mindset
  • Communicate why school systems exist
  • Communicate why school boards exist
  • Communicate the intention behind, “student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change”

Coaching Knowledge
  • Distinguish between feedback and criticism

Coaching Skill
  • Facilitate at least 2 conversations on Governance Knowledge 1-12 without a script
  • Facilitate at least 2 conversations on Governance Skills 1-9 without a script
  • Demonstrate the use of SCP & ICP
  • Demonstrate the use of Blooms & ICAP
  • Complete a Knowledge & Skills workshop
  • Create a 1-3 page coaching recommendations memo for a board chair and superintendent based on observations than span at least 3 months
  • Participate, under the guidance of a certified ESB Coach, in the support of at least three school boards

Coaching Mindset
  • Complete at least 5 ESB mindset practices within 14 days
  • Complete a Mindset workshop
  • Communicate the intention behind, “I as Genesis”
  • Communicate the intention behind, “Integrity as Access”
  • Facilitate at least 2 conversations on Governance Mindset 1-3 and Coaching Mindset 1-4 without a script
  • Facilitate at least 1 ESB 2-day workshop
    • Integrity: Being your word
    • Knowledge/Skill: Being accurate about the material
    • Skill/Mindset: Being a safe and firm guide to support participant self-reflection

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